2014-02-14 20:15:13 by sebapyl

Hi folks ! first of all, thanks for the support in my animations ! ! ! is really amazing to think I've been fortunate to go in FRONT PAGE twice. 

SUPER DUPER UPDATE: Assassin's Pyl is published ! is in Front page! Take a look !

News # 1: I 'll try to keep doing the series "The pyl 's " as I have done so far. However, I will be entering school in less than 3 weeks, which means that I will not have time to get an animation for every 14 days ... Now that I am newly starting with my youtube channel .

News # 2: The youtube channel is available, subscribe to know when Im uploading a video! There is also the Facebook page, Like it! to find out what I 'm doing !


Facebook :

News # 3: I'm thinking of some ideas for these videos, but I can not choose between several games like Skyrim, Minecraft , Call of Duty , Zelda, Kirby , etc. I love all those games , and I like the idea of having them made into ​​parodies. I do not know if you would like to give me ideas or if you would like to choose from which I quoted above.

4288533_139242686443_Untitled-2.jpg That's all people <3 thanks for everything ! remember to comment your ideas !